STEP 1: How to position your lilM8
  • For Safety: Set up in a ventilated room with a smoke detector
  • Place your lilM8 on a flat, solid surface (e.g. table or desk)
  • Place your lilM8 with the screen facing towards you.
  • Position the ‘filament holder’ to the right of the lilM8 and directly below the ‘filament loader’lilm8_with_filament
  • Connect your lilM8 to a surge protected power source.
     Click here to watch animation.
STEP 2: Position the Magnetic Sheet
  • Place the magnetic sheet on the bed with the lilM8 logo facing up.
  • The magnetic sheet must be centred on the bed, and not off centre.
  • Slowly spin your magnetic sheet on the bed to find its strong side, it should ‘click’ into place and be only movable in one direction.

 Click here to watch animation.

STEP 3: Create your first 'Make'
  • Download a lilM8 compatible ‘.gcode’ file via your phone or computer directly to the Micro SD Card using the supplied USB Adapter.
  • Insert the SD card into the slot located to the left of the lilM8’s LCD Screen so that it clicks into place. Please note it can only be inserted one way. 
  • Spin/Click the Control Knob located to the right of the screen to navigate to your ‘Make’
  • When you have found a Make you wish to create, push down the control knob and confirm your selection 
  • The lilM8 will start creating after it has heated up and lowered its arm. 

(NOTE: Be patient with your lilM8, it is creating something amazing which can take a few hours depending on the size of what you want. Be sure to monitor your lilM8 and check it regularly) 

STEP 4: Removing your ‘Make‘
  • Once the lilm8 has finished, the lilM8 will raise its arm and push the bed forward for you to easily remove your Make.
  • Turn the lilM8 off, and keep your hands clear of the hot nozzle.
  • After creating your ‘Make’, peel off the magnetic sheet from the bed by pulling it towards you.
  • Gently bend the magnetic sheet to remove your Make.
  • Remove any supports by gripping and twisting them off using the mini cutters supplied, do not cut them off as it can separate the layers of your ‘Make’.

 Click here to watch animation.

Optional: Loading your own Filament
  • Unwrap your new filament rol(NOTE: Filament can go off if left in the air, it absorbs moisture like a sponge, so make sure you use your filament or store it in an airtight bag)
  • Find the small hole at the bottom of the Filament feeder and insert the filament’s end
    (NOTE: Have the natural curve of the filament curving toward you to aid the process) 
  • Squeeze and hold the filament feeder trigger then slowly push the filament further into the hole.
    (NOTE: Cutting the tip of the filament on a 45-degree angle can make this easier) Slide the filament into the feeder until it reaches the nozzle, when you feel resistance it’s time to stop and let go of the trigger.
  • Place the filament roll onto the holder so that it is feeding into the lilM8 from the bottom of the roll without any resistance

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